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Smoant Pasito Mini (1100mAh) - Kit

Smoant Pasito Mini (1100mAh) - Kit
Smoant Pasito Mini (1100mAh) - Kit
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Smoant Pasito Mini (1100mAh) - Kit
Smoant Pasito Mini (1100mAh) - Kit
Smoant Pasito Mini (1100mAh) - Kit
Smoant Pasito Mini (1100mAh) is a set that continues the line of devices under the Pasito brand from the Chinese company Smoant. In terms of overall design, this device takes a lot from the first modification of Pasito, but many things have been fundamentally changed. The set lost a little in its characteristics, which comes from the name Mini, but gained its own interesting chips.

Key features:

The principle design of the device is a monoblock, in which the battery part and the atomizer part are one unit from the user's point of view, but the atomizer part can be pulled out of the device to replace the vaporizer element and general maintenance - for example a simple flushing of the insides of the residual liquid;
The device is offered by the developers in eight variants of exterior design - for any taste from classic monotonous options to gradients. A couple of options are offered with carbon fiber side panels, as well as a couple of options with leather inserts. The main frame of the device is now made of metal, as opposed to the plastic used in the first edition of Pasito;
The battery part of the device is a small box mod that contains a non-removable 1100 mAh battery - this is enough for a long time, especially when using the salt nicotine-based liquids. To recharge it, you can connect the battery pack to your PC or laptop via USB type C port with current up to 1A;
The front panel of the device has all its controlling parts - a large Fire button on the top, a large LED-bar replacing the color display, and VM Button used to select the supplied power. The developers provided three options, each of which has its own color;
The tankomizer part of the device is relatively easy to use even for a novice user - in fact the cartridge here is a small cube with a liquid tank, hole for refilling, hole for the mouthpiece and the hole to install a removable vaporizer;
The device itself works on Smoant P series vaporizers. The developers offer three vaporizer element options in this series, two of which come with the device:
- P1, a vaporizer with a resistance of 0.6 ohms. Present in the delivery set, it is designed for half-free puffing. There is a grid inside the vaporizer;
- P2, vaporizer with 0.8 ohm resistance. Purchased separately, designed for half-free puffing. There is a grid inside the vaporizer;
- P3, 1 ohm vaporizer. Included in the package, designed for a tight draw. There is a grid inside the vaporizer;
Charging the device became much more convenient, you need to open the silicone cap on the cartridge body - under it you can find the hole for filling it with liquid. The working volume of the cartridge is 3.5 ml of liquid;
On top of the cartridge manufacturer has placed a small plug with a runner that allows you to adjust the tightness of the draw to your liking;
To replace the vaporizer you need to take the cartridge out of the device and turn it upside down, then pull the vaporizer up. Then you need to remove the bottom part of the base and assemble the cartridge with the new vaporizer in the reverse order;
The drip type of the device is made according to 510 standard and can be replaced by any others of your choice with the same standard connector;
Smoant has once again introduced an excellent POD system of the famous Pasito line. Despite its compact size, the device has all the features for comfortable daily use;

The main features:

Battery: 1100 mAh, built-in;
Resistance: depends on the vaporizer;
Power range: 5 - 30 watts;
Blow: adjustable;
Connector: proprietary;
Volume: 3,5 ml;
Material: zinc alloy, plastic;
Dimensions: 16,5 mm * 36 mm * 97 mm;
Manufacturer: Smoant;


1 device assembly;
1 cable for charging;
2 vaporizers;
1 user manual;
1 package
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